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Welcome to Inclusivelife.eu! Nice to see you here!

The purpose with this site is to create an open place where you can discuss a range of different things related to our society and human rights that create tools for people to take full participation in it. I will try to keep this site as clean as possible. The most important thing here is not to have a fancy look to this site, your opinion and human thoughts is  what matters here. My goal is to create a vibrant human-right discuss forum for us. As I am a relatively newbie to the tech around all of this, please allow some time to get things started! Looking forward to your participation!


PS: AS I have Cerebral palsy myself. It is most likely that many of my early posts will discuss physical disability

syntolkning: bakgrund, Öppet hav, udde med träd vid horisonten, båtar vid brygga blå himmel, kav lugnt genom balkongfönster